Filling, Weighing, Compacting, Conveying

Cleveland Vibrator's GWT grid-top vibratory weigh scale packers offer a complete solution for filling, weighing, compacting and conveying containers.

Cleveland GWTGWT grid-top vibratory weigh scale packers from Cleveland Vibrator Company equip production and shipping departments with a complete solution for filling, weighing, compacting and conveying containers of bulk solids with capacities as high as 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg). According to the company, the GWT further offers:

  • No need for operators to manually move containers as the packer grids are designed to raise between conveyor rollers.
  • The capability to lifts containers to the appropriate height, run the selected vibration cycle time for fast, effective compaction of material as it is being filled, and weigh the container throughout the entire process.
  • The ability to lower the filled, compacted container back onto the roller conveyor, enabling it to be moved to the next step as an empty container approaches.
  • Convenient mounting below conveyor rollers, allowing bags, drums, trays or other containers to easily be transported directly onto its grid top deck.
  • Durable construction in mild or stainless steel.
  • A range of deck configurations with rotary electric or air-cushioned piston vibrator drives.
  • Availability of a weight readout, PLC interface communication, and setpoints for automatic or semi-automatic operation.
  • Optional digital scale instruments that incorporate setpoints to control the start and stop of the fill device, as well as the vibration sequence.

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