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Anduril Boosts Solid Rocket Motor Production Capacity by 10x in Mississippi

The company is investing millions to scale from 600 to more than 6,000 tactical-scale solid rocket motors each year.

Anduril HQ.
Anduril HQ.

Anduril Industries is expanding its solid rocket motor production facility in McHenry, Mississippi as part of the company’s efforts to address the country’s most urgent capability gaps. Anduril is investing more than $75 million to increase the propellant mixing and solid rocket motor annual production capacity from 600 to more than 6,000 tactical-scale solid rocket motors, to support growing demand from customers.

The investment will allow Anduril to significantly expand the Mississippi Solid Rocket Motor Complex, a 450-acre propellant mixing and solid rocket motor production facility that has been sited for millions of pounds of explosives. The company, which is based in Costa Mesa, California, acquired Adranos last year, along with its solid rocket motor production site in Stone County.

In addition, Anduril will use the capital to renovate 92,000 square feet of factory space, adding advanced robotics equipment and modular manufacturing systems.

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    In addition to traditional, aluminized solid rocket motors, Anduril manufactures propulsion systems using ALITEC, a proprietary rocket fuel. ALITEC releases more energy per unit, extending the range, payload capacity and speed of missile systems by up to 40 percent.

    To support production growth, Anduril is actively hiring for more than 60 new roles in Stone County, which it hopes to fill by the end of 2024.

    The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) will provide funds through the Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive (MFLEX) program. Design & Development Today reached out to the MDA, which is also assisting with building and site improvements, but the agency did not respond to our request for comment. Workforce training company AccelerateMS and Stone County will also contribute to the project.

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