Chobani Loses 'Greek Yogurt' Legal Battle In UK

LONDON (AP) -- A British court has ruled that Chobani, a U.S. brand of yogurt, cannot label its products "Greek" in the U.K. because they are made in America.

A panel of three judges at the Court of Appeal upheld a lower court's ruling, siding with Chobani's rival Fage, which sells Greek yogurts under the "Total" brand.

Fage, the leading seller of Greek yogurt in Britain, launched the legal battle soon after New York-based Chobani launched their products in the U.K. in 2012.

A judge ruled last year that Chobani's "Greek yogurt" label misled customers, agreeing with Fage that products labeled Greek yogurt — which are strained to achieve a thick and creamy texture — have to be made in Greece.

Chobani's appeal against that decision was dismissed on Tuesday.

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