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Woman Destroys Factory Where Father Was Killed

The woman said she felt relief because was able to demolish the factory where her father died in a 1995 steam accident.

LONDON (AP) -- It was a daily reminder of the death of her father in a British industrial accident -- but a mother of two says she feels relief after she was given the chance to demolish the factory where he was killed.

Sarah Griffiths won a competition to lead the demolition Sunday of a tower owned by Campbell's Soup food manufacturer. It was the site where her father Mick Locke was fatally scalded in 1995 in a steam accident.

After she triggered the series of explosions which downed the factory in King's Lynn, eastern England, the 41-year-old Griffiths said the event had given her a "chance of closure."

She said the tower has been "a constant reminder that I have been robbed of my dad."

The site was being cleared for a new commercial and retail development.

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