Prosecutors Seek Speedy Finmeccanica Bribe Trial

MILAN (AP) — Prosecutors are pushing for a speedy trial for alleged corruption by top executives at Italian defense giant Finmeccanica and its Agusta helicopter division.

Finmeccanica CEO Giusppe Orsi was arrested and Agusta CEO Bruno Spagnolini was placed under house arrest on Feb. 12. The two men are accused of involvement in the payment of bribes in the 560 million euro ($670 million) sale of 12 helicopters to the government of India.

Prosecutors allege that the payment of bribes was part of the company's philosophy. India also is investigating the deal.

The prosecutors' request Tuesday indicates their strong belief that they have an overwhelming evidence to make a preliminary hearing unnecessary.

Orsi, who has denied any wrongdoing, was replaced as CEO the day after his arrest.


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