SunBurst Foods Issues Recall For Nearly 150 Products

SunBurst Foods of Goldsboro, North Carolina, is voluntarily recalling all of its SunBurst, Fresh Bites and Private labeled products which are currently in the market because these products have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

SunBurst Foods, Goldsboro NC is voluntarily recalling all of its SunBurst, Fresh Bites and Private labeled products which are currently in the market because these products have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

All codes, all sell-by dates and sizes of the following brands are being recalled:

  • SunBurst
  • Fresh Bites

Private label products are identifed by the following brand names: River Edge Farms, CFW, Southern Zest, CJ’s Vending, Binford Street Deli, Middle Georgia Vendors, Roanoke Foods, Select Foods, and Jesse Jones (Double Chili Dogs)

MFG CodeDescriptionUPCWt. (oz.)
1038Bologna & Cheese7-01248-00302-93.00
1563Chicken Salad on Wheat7-01248-00809-34.00
105Chicken Salad on White7-01248-00104-94.00
638Combo Sandwich (Ham, Bologna & Cheese)7-01248-00532-04.00
117Egg Salad7-01248-00116-23.30
1035Ham & Cheese on Wheat7-01248-00827-73.00
1034Ham & Cheese on White7-01248-00301-23.00
115Pimento Cheese7-01248-00114-83.50
101Shaved Ham & Cheese7-01248-00100-14.00
258Thick Bologna & Cheese7-01248-00913-74.50
637Turkey & Swiss On Wheat7-01248-00531-34.00
111Turkey on Wheat7-01248-00110-03.40
1712Chicken, Egg and Cheese Biscuit7-01248-01003-46.10
121Country Link Sausage (on bun)7-01248-00120-93.50
652Fried Bologna & Egg on Bun7-01248-00804-85.40
607Jumbo Breakfast (Sausage, Ham, Egg & Ch. on bun)7-01248-00507-85.25
131Sausage & Egg (on bun)7-01248-00130-83.75
623Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant7-01248-00523-85.00
125Twin Ham Biscuits7-01248-00124-72.50
125Twin Ham Biscuits7-01248-00124-73.00
127Twin Sausage Biscuits7-01248-00126-13.50
1049Cheese Cubes with Crackers (Vac Pack)7-01248-00160-53.50
618Deli Ham and Cheese7-01248-00518-46.00
166Turkey Hoagie7-01248-00148-35.30
237Philly-Style Cheese Steak7-01248-00194-05.75
1648Two 1/2 Foot Ham & Turkey Sub7-01248-00939-711.30
1659Two 1/2 Foot Turkey & Cheese Hoagies7-01248-00950-211.50
1761Bacon Cheese Burger7-01248-01049-23.50
294Barbecue Beef7-01248-00176-64.30
162Barbecue Chicken (on bun)7-01248-00144-54.60
168Chicken Fillet w/ Swiss Ch. (on bun)7-01248-00150-65.50
158Double Cheeseburger7-01248-00140-75.20
650Double Chili Dogs7-01248-00802-46.40
275Fried Bologna Sandwich (on bun)7-01248-00329-63.80
1758Fried Chicken Leg Quarter w/ Bone on Bread7-01248-01046-17.00
284Fried Chicken w/ Bone Sandwich7-01248-00333-39.50
1760Fried Red Hot Link w/ Cheese on Bun7-01248-01048-53.50
1048Gourmet Sub (Ham, Bologna & Cheese)7-01248-00307-44.00
1590Grilled Cheese7-01248-00883-31.65
270Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich7-01248-00156-83.00
1762Ham and Cheese on Bun7-01248-01050-83.70
1769Hot Smoked Sausage on Bun7-01248-01057-74.00
653Pork Ribette (on Bun)7-01248-00805-56.00
1042Sausage Dog7-01248-00337-14.2
286Single All Beef Hot Dog7-01248-00172-82.50
285Single Hot Dog w/ Chili7-01248-00800-03.10
283Single Plain Hot Dog7-01248-00837-62.10
1597Skippy Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly w/ White Bread7-01248-01114-71.50
123Smoking Joe (Smoked Sausage on bread)7-01248-00122-35.25
1649Spicy Chicken Sandwich7-01248-00940-35.10
1655Deluxe Caesar Salad7-01248-00946-53.25
1653Deluxe Chef Salad7-01248-00944-15.10
1654Deluxe Garden Salad7-01248-00945-85.80
1596Deluxe Italian Salad7-01248-00927-45.50
1792BBQ Chicken on 100% Wheat Roll w/ Baby Carrots7-01248-01077-57.80
1619Chicken Finger Sub w/ Potato Wedges7-01248-00903-88.75
1632Chicken Salad Croissant7-01248-00918-25.75
1664Ham & Cheese Omelet on Toast w/ Hash Brown7-01248-00955-77.25
1630Ham & Swiss on Sourdough7-01248-00916-86.10
1666Ham & Swiss on Sourdough w/ Baby Carrots7-01248-00957-110.30
1620Jumbo Chili Cheese Burger w/Potato Wedges7-01248-00904-59.75
1636Potato Wedges7-01248-00924-35.50
1670Sausage & Egg on Croissant w/ Hash Brown Patty7-01248-00961-87.00
1740Caesar Salad7-01248-01028-73.25
1719Chicken Finger Sub w/ Honey Mustard Sauce7-01248-01015-75.35
1716Deluxe Chicken Salad on Toast7-01248-01019-55.00
1739Garden Salad7-01248-01027-05.80
1715Ham & Cheese Club7-01248-01018-86.50
1728Ham & Turkey on Multi Grain7-01248-01016-410.00
1714Turkey & Swiss on 12 Grain7-01248-01017-16.75
1821Bologna and Cheese on White7-01248-01106-24.80
1818Chicken Salad on Wheat7-01248-01102-44.30
1817Chicken Salad on White7-01248-01101-74.30
1819Egg Salad on White7-01248-01103-13.30
1811Ham and Cheese on Wheat7-01248-01095-93.80
1812Ham and Cheese on White7-01248-01096-63.80
1815Pimento Cheese on White7-01248-01099-74.30
1807Turkey and Cheese on Wheat7-01248-01091-13.80
1806Turkey and Cheese on White7-01248-01090-43.80
1803All American Hoagie w/ Turkey, Ham, Bologna & Cheese7-01248-01087-47.75
1587BBQ Pork on Bun7-01248-00880-25.35
1823Bologna and Cheese Sub7-01248-01108-66.75
1775Buffalo Chicken Salad on 100% Whole Wheat Roll7-01248-01061-45.50
1810Deli Ham and Cheese on Marble Rye7-01248-01094-25.55
1777Deluxe Chicken Salad on 100% Whole Wheat Roll7-01248-01063-84.30
1814Grilled Chicken on Croissant7-01248-01098-06.00
1822Grilled Chicken on Pretzel Roll7-01248-01107-97.50
1774Ham and Cheddar on 100% Whole Wheat Roll7-01248-01060-75.30
1813Ham and Cheese Croissant7-01248-01097-35.50
1798Ham and Cheese Pretzel Roll7-01248-01082-97.00
1824Ham and Cheese Sub7-01248-01109-36.75
1827Oven Roasted Turkey and Cheese on Wheat Sub7-01248-01112-36.50
1797Oven Roasted Turkey Breast on Pretzel Roll7-01248-01081-26.75
1773Sunrise Sandwich (French Toast, Sausage & Egg)7-01248-01059-13.60
1804Turkey and Provolone on Marble Rye7-01248-01088-14.55
1820Turkey and Provolone on Whole Wheat Sub7-01248-01104-88.00
1776Turkey and Swiss on 100% Whole Wheat7-01248-01062-15.25
1808Turkey and Swiss on Croissant7-01248-01092-85.50
1809Turkey and Swiss Sub7-01248-01093-56.75
1780Blazing Sausage Dog7-01248-01065-25.50
1825Fried Chicken Strips Hero7-01248-01110-95.80
1793Ham and Cheese Omelet on Toast7-01248-01078-25.25
1795Jumbo Bacon Cheeseburger7-01248-01080-55.20
1794Junior Bacon Cheeseburger7-01248-01079-93.40
1787Turkey Breast & Bacon on Wheat (Wedge)7-01248-01072-04.80
1729Apple Cobbler7-01248-01041-63.75
1749Blueberry Crunch Cake7-01248-01037-94.50
1750Cherry Crunch Cake7-01248-01038-64.50
1738Jello with Fruit7-01248-01026-37.50
659Peach Cobbler7-01248-00848-25.10
648Strawberry Shortcake7-01248-00549-85.25
1752Strawberry Yogurt & Granola7-01248-01040-98.50
1784Broccoli & Cauliflower with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing7-01248-01069-02.50
1785Carrots with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing7-01248-01070-62.50
1786Celery with Peanut Butter7-01248-01071-32.50
1789Honeydew Melon7-01248-01074-43.75
1518Cheesy Eggs w/ Link Sausage & Dinner Roll7-01248-00619-87.50
1506French Toast w/ Sausage7-01248-00607-54.00
1582Ham Omelet w Dinner Roll7-01248-00855-05.80
1528Pancake w/ Sausage7-01248-00628-0]4.50
1508Sausage & Egg w/ Rice7-01248-00609-97.50
1551Western Omelet7-01248-00650-18.25
1522Caesar Salad7-01248-00623-53.25
1502Chef Salad7-01248-00603-75.10
280Garden Salad7-01248-00323-45.80
1651Chicken Tenders7-01248-00942-78.00
1537Chili Mac7-01248-00639-67.50
1717Macaroni & Cheese w/ Smoked Sausage7-01248-01020-57.50
1560Robust Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce7-01248-00806-28.00
1562Zesty Chicken Parmigiana w/ Spaghetti]7-01248-00808-69.50

The products being recalled were sold in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

This recall was initiated as a result of sampling and testing performed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

To date, SunBurst is unaware of any illnesses related to these products.

Products not manufactured but distributed by SunBurst such as cakes, burritos, and chips are not part of this recall.

Consumers who have purchased the affected products are urged to destroy them or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company between 8AM and 5PM EST at 1-919-778-2151.

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