Alcohol Delivery Comes to D.C. Through New App

For the past year, several U.S. cities have allowed alcohol deliveries through Klink Technologies, an on-demand alcohol delivery business. Washington D.C. is the latest to drive this consumer trend.

WASHINGTON (PRNewswire) — The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) has given their blessing to Klink Technologies Inc., a popular business for on-demand alcohol delivery, confirming their operations are compliant with D.C. laws.

For the past year in several cities across the country, Klink has been operating an app and website that allows customers to order beer, wine and liquor for delivery to their door in under an hour. This marks the first official statement sent by ABRA to Klink since the company's launch in D.C. earlier this summer. Companies attempting to offer similar services in D.C. have been shut down for violating regulations leaving Klink to be the only service operating in D.C. without any issues.

Klink established the legal foundation that allows a third-party tech company to offer alcohol delivery service to customers. In response, ABRA today issued general guidelines for third-party alcohol delivery apps, effectively codifying the model created by Klink. The first legal avenue to be able to use an app and website to order alcohol for delivery has been heartily embraced by customers throughout the District, with orders and enthusiastic reviews consistently coming in through Klink's platform.

"We have always been confident that, by harnessing technology to provide a service customers really want, we could push alcohol-regulatory policy forward. Today's decision strengthens that belief," said Jeffrey Nadel, Klink's CEO. "It has always been extremely important to us to operate with 100% legal and regulatory compliance. Klink will continue to lead the way in responsibly and legally expanding alcohol delivery service across the country."

Klink allows customers to order beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks and mixers with a $20 order minimum and a flat $3.87 delivery fee. Before launching in a specific market, Klink conducts extensive research to identify the best possible retail partners and ensure unmatched price, service and selection for their customers.

"Flouting the laws and regulations that are in place to keep consumers safe is the easy way out. There are a lot of companies that are comfortable taking that path. Building a system and forging relationships that both comply with existing laws and work to push the regulatory framework forward is considerably more difficult, yet imperative," Nadel added.

Klink is available on the App Store for iOS users. An Android app will be released in coming weeks.

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