Amazon To Contest $7,000 OSHA Fine For Safety Violations

The e-commerce giant failed to properly document 26 work-related injuries.

Last month, Seattle-based received a citation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. For failing to adequately document 26 work-related injuries in its Robbinsville, New Jersey, warehouse, OSHA fined the e-commerce giant $7,000 — a penalty that Amazon has no plans to pay.

The unreported injuries — which range from an employee falling and hitting her head on the floor to various reports of back, knee and arm pain — were discovered during a July inspection.

Bloomberg reports that the New Jersey warehouse must make several other improvements noted in a January letter, such as adding safeguards to prevent amputation and no longer allowing medical staff to deliver care beyond their licensing.

“We take safety very seriously,” said Amazon spokesperson Aaron Toso. “We do not agree with the findings and will be contesting the citation.”

This is far from the first time Amazon has been accused of mistreating its employees. Prior issues include the company misclassifying delivery drivers to lower pay rate and not paying employees for time spent in security checks.  

The New Jersey warehouse employs about 2,500 people.

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