Boeing Distributed Record Amount Of Airplanes In 2015

The 762 airplanes delivered by the Chicago-based company were 39 more than it delivered in a successful 2014 campaign.

(Image credit: Boeing)
(Image credit: Boeing)


Boeing delivered more commercial airplanes in 2015 than it did any other year in its 99-year history, according to figures announced by the company Thursday.

The 762 airplanes delivered by the Chicago-based company were 39 more than it delivered in a successful 2014 campaign.  The company also received 768 net orders in 2015. Based off of current price tags, those orders have a combined value of $112.4 billion. Nearly 5,800 orders placed by customers worldwide were not filled by Boeing in 2015.

"We had a solid year of orders in 2015, maintaining a strong, balanced backlog that will help ensure a steady stream of deliveries for years to come," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Connor in a press release.

The rising amount of deliveries and orders is driven in part by great demand for air travel worldwide.

"Global passenger traffic in most key regions is increasing," said Randy Tinsethm, the VP of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "Our customers continue to perform well in the marketplace and we'll continue to support them with the industry's best products and services."

(Image credit: Boeing)(Image credit: Boeing)

One of the company’s greatest achievements in 2015 was the 737 MAX, whose inaugural model was rolled out of its Renton, Wash. facility Dec. 8. The new aircraft dominated Boeing’s list of deliveries and orders as of the end of 2015, accounting for 666 of its 876 gross orders, 588 of its 768 net orders, 495 of its 762 deliveries, and 4,392 of its 5,795 unfilled orders.

Across the board, Boeing’s second most popular commercial aircraft in 2015 was the 787. The company received 97 gross orders and 71 net orders. Another 779 orders went unfilled and 135 of the aircraft were delivered. The third, fourth, and fifth most popular commercial aircraft for the company were the 777, 767, and 747, in that order.

Also in 2015, the company achieved firm configuration for the 777x, a step that will allow its workers to begin designing parts, assemblies, and other systems for the aircraft.

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