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Felman Production Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Founded in 1952, the Felman Plant produces high-quality ferroalloys, elements essential in the manufacturing of steel.

(BUSINESS WIRE)  July 22 marked the 60 th anniversary of the Felman Ferroalloys Plant in New Haven, West Virginia. Founded in 1952, the Felman Plant produces high-quality ferroalloys, elements essential in the manufacturing of steel. These alloys, which are created by melting and mixing raw materials into molten metal, are used to impart distinctive chemical qualities to steel and cast iron, preventing corrosion and deoxidization. The plant is one of only two facilities in the United States that produces ferroalloy silicomanganese, which is critically important to the U.S. steel industry.

Over the past 60 years, metallurgical consumers from a wide array of industries across the United States and abroad have relied on the Felman Plant to provide the raw materials needed for their diverse range of metal offerings. Since its inception, the Felman Plant has had multiple owners, including The Vanadium Corporation of American, American Alloys, Inc. and Highlanders Alloy, LLC. Over the years, the plant has enjoyed a number of renovation projects to modernize the facility and increase its production capacity. Felman Production, which took over operations in 2006, currently operates the 190 plus acre facility.

“We are incredibly proud of the plant and our hard-working, dedicated employees for their many contributions to our company and the local community,” said Mordechai Korf, Chairman of Felman Production. “The Felman Plant has a long, rich history, and we are pleased with the great progress we have made since we took over operations in 2006. In this short period of time we have been able to increase production and add jobs to the community. Our dedicated workforce is directly responsible for our success thus far. Together we have positioned the Felman Production Plant for continued success over the long term.”

Felman Production has been responsible for revitalizing the plant by investing in its infrastructure and equipment, specifically its three submerged arc electric furnaces used to melt and mix raw materials and chemical agents, ultimately creating ferroalloys. These investments enabled the Felman Plant to ramp up production and create job opportunities for local residents. A recent study by the West Virginia University Bureau for Business and Economic Research found that Felman provides an annual $166 million boost to the state economy. The Felman Plant employs just over 250 people, with another 210 jobs at other local companies tied to the plant's operations, according to the WVU study.

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