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Launch of the First Makeup Brushes Using DuPont™

The first kits of brushes made with the innovative DuPont™ Natrafil™ filaments recently were launched by a Switzerland-based professional make-up school, Studio ...

Launch of the First Makeup Brushes Using DuPont™

Studio Tannaz, a Geneva-based make-up artists’ school, is launching their first make-up brush set called “The Indispensables.”  “The Indispensables” also are the first commercial set of brushes containing the revolutionary DuPont™ Natrafil™ filaments.
The first kits of brushes made with the innovative DuPont™ Natrafil™ filaments recently were launched by a Switzerland-based professional make-up school, Studio Tannaz.

Developed to offer a reliable alternative to natural hair while keeping absolute performance, DuPont™ Natrafil™ innovative filaments satisfy the No. 1 consumer criteria which is optimum pick up and distribution of the powder. Natrafil™ filaments eliminate any risks associated with the use of animal-based materials and provide a reliability guarantee to cosmetic brand owners and brush manufacturers.

Natrafil™, a patented technology, is the result of two unique processes. On one hand, its micro-structured surface facilitates make-up absorption. On the other hand, the tapered tips, of which the first layer has been chemically treated, give a soft and natural feel and, most especially, optimize make-up application. Natrafil™ facilitates the pick up of the most difficult formulas – whether powder, oil or liquid – for a more precise application and cleaner make-up effect.

A professional make-up artist created this look using make-up brushes containing the DuPont™ Natrafil™ filaments.
The DuPont׳™ Natrafil™ team works in collaboration with professional make-up artists in order to capture the most demanding needs and translate those into filament specifications.

“Working with professional make-up artists helped us understand the performance-in-use of Natrafil™ filaments and thus complete our value proposition to original equipment manufactures (OEMs) and specifiers,” said Sarah Perreard, project leader, Performance Polymers.

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View a 4-minute video of a Studio Tannaz make-up artist at work using brushes made with DuPont™ Natrafil™ filaments.


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