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Brørup Sparekasse Changes Skin: A New Dynamic Look

Denmark’s Brørup Sparekasse bank features a dynamic new façade made with DuPont™ Corian®.

Brørup Sparekasse Changes Skin: A New Dynamic Look

Brørup Sparekasse bank in Denmark with exterior cladding made with DuPont™ CorianÂŽ. (Photos by Jens Nygaard) 
Brørup Sparekasse bank in Denmark with exterior cladding made with DuPont™ Corian®. (Photos by Jens Nygaard)
Architectural innovation in building facades has come to Denmark through a dynamic project for a new branch of Brørup Sparekasse bank in Fredericia.

The more than 1,600 square meters of the Brørup Sparekasse building is characterized by an innovative external cladding made with DuPont™ CorianÂŽ high-performance surfacing material within a ventilated façade concept. This high-impact project is the first application of DuPont™ CorianÂŽ in terms of the external cladding of buildings in the Nordic countries and among the first pioneering installations of its kind in the world.

Brørup Sparekasse wanted to change its image in the local community and among employees and to attract new customers. The aim was to create a building that merges values and service, representing a high level of innovation, both aesthetically and functionally. 

“The façade is made with panels of DuPont™ CorianÂŽ of different size and geometry, creating a sort of puzzle,” said architect Klaus Petersen.  “Seen from a distance, the building seems enclosed into a homogeneous and seamless skin, even if the panels have a certain distance from one another. Coming closer, the façade reveals its composition: panels of different size and geometry separated by small distances to create a giant white puzzle, reminiscent of a giant Tetris. The size, geometry and flow of the panels around the building reflect a precise mathematical pattern that creates the building envelope.”

“The demand for versatile and quality materials for external cladding in the built environment has become significant, especially due to the increasing popularity of ventilated facades,” said Helle Jensen, DuPont Building Innovations, area manager of DuPont™ CorianÂŽ for Denmark.  “DuPont™ CorianÂŽ offers a higher performance than many conventional solutions for external cladding due to its excellent combination of durability, renewability and design flexibility,”


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