DuPont and Everbright Collaborate on Largest Thin

DuPont Apollo Photovoltaic Module Production Facility Powered by Clean Energy.

DuPont and Everbright Collaborate on Largest Thin

The largest thin film photovoltaic rooftop installation in China to date sits atop the DuPont Apollo solar module manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.
Thin Film photovoltaic modules deliver stable performance under weak light condition.
DuPont, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, DuPont Apollo Limited (“DuPont Apollo”), and China Everbright International Limited (“Everbright”) have jointly announced the completion of an on-grid 1.3 megawatt (MW) rooftop photovoltaic installation at the DuPont Apollo production facility in Guangming New District, Shenzhen.  The project is considered the largest single structure thin film photovoltaic rooftop installation in China to date.

“DuPont Apollo is pleased to collaborate with Everbright on this large-scale rooftop installation to support the daily operation of our production facility with clean and cost-effective solar electricity,” said David Chu – DuPont Apollo leader.  “We hope this project will be a role model for other businesses that wish to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by generating the electricity they need on their own rooftops.”

Initiated in July, the installation covers about 23,000 square feet of roof space at the production plant, and is constructed of 13,000 high-performance amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin film photovoltaic modules made by DuPont Apollo.  It has the capacity to generate an annual output of approximately 1.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity and reduces greenhouse gases by offsetting about 1,480 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.  The system is expected to operate for 25 years.

“We are pleased to join hands with DuPont Apollo to further advance the creation and application of clean energy and contribute more to the development of renewable energy in China which has a very prosperous future,” said Chen Xiaoping, chief executive officer – Everbright International.  “Our collaboration with DuPont Apollo has made this showcase project a significant green milestone in Shenzhen’s history and has provided remarkable value to both the society and economy as a whole.”

DuPont Apollo is a thin film photovoltaic module manufacturer and system solution provider, delivering services including project development, system design and engineering, material preparation, construction and installation.

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