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Climate Change, Energy, Sustainability

DuPont plays leadership role in Sustainable Development Forum in China.

Climate Change, Energy, Sustainability

Jim Pesek giving the keynote speech at the forum.
In December, DuPont China participated in a high-profile Plastics Sustainable Development Forum.

More than 140 people attended from government agencies.  The forum also included experts from international plastics organizations, as well as 30 public and industry media.

In his keynote speech, Asia Pacific SHE & Security Director Jim Pesek highlighted the well-known benefits of plastics.  These include its lightweighting, down-gauging and flexible processing properties in traditional applications such as packaging, building materials, automobiles and electronics.  Jim also stressed the new generation of plastics has a key role to play in climate protection, energy efficiency and sustainability.

“Plastics can play a vital role in wind power and solar energy generation,” Jim said.  “We see a growing use of plastics in thermal insulation of buildings, automobile lightweighting and other important areas for energy efficiency”. 

The Plastics Sustainable Development Forum has been driven by DuPont.  John Zhao, DuPont China business sustainability manager and Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) Plastics Committee chair, led a team to invite the government agency officials, experts and media, and also presided over the forum.  Jim serves as AICM vice chairman.

Colleagues from Performance Polymers, Fluoroproducts and PS&R participated in the forum. It provided a good platform to reinforce DuPont connections to government agencies and to demonstrate our leadership role in AICM.

AICM represents nearly 40 major chemical companies in China.  Members include businesses that manufacture, transport, distribute and dispose of chemicals. The objective of AICM is to contribute to the development of a harmonious society and the sustainable growth of China’s chemical industry. 


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