Safety Agency Calls For Checks On A380 Wing Parts

The European Aviation Safety Agency wants airlines to check the "wing rib feet" after Airbus found new cracks there during investigations.

BERLIN (AP) — Europe's air safety authority is calling on airlines to inspect their A380 superjumbo jets after Airbus found new cracks in the metal brackets inside the wings.

The European Aviation Safety Agency on Friday issued an airworthiness directive that called for "a detailed visual inspection" of the aircraft's so-called "wing rib feet" — the metal brackets that connect the wing's ribs to its skin.

The agency gives airlines between four days and six weeks from Jan. 24 to carry out the checks, depending on how much flying time the plane already has clocked up.

Sixty-eight of the double-decker, $390 million jets are flying with seven airlines, including Dubai's Emirates, the largest A380 operator with 20 of the aircraft now flying. The jet seats 525 people in three classes.

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