No, Not China!  Chile!

Of the 25 largest markets for U.S. exports of manufactured goods, so far this year the title of fastest-growing goes to Chile, where U.S. exports of manufactured goods are up 41.9 percent through August, two and a half times as fast as the 16 percent increase in U.S. exports to the world. Exports to Chile have been spurred particularly by a 70 percent increase in exports of construction equipment and a 46 percent increase in exports of motor vehicles.

Hong Kong and Israel are the second and third fastest-growing markets, with U.S. exports of manufactured goods to both economies up more than 30 percent so far this year.

Four of the top ten fastest-growing major markets are free-trade partners: Chile, Israel, Australia, and Mexico. Soon-to-be free trade partner Colombia also made the top 10, with U.S. manufactured goods exports up 18.8 percent.

Where’s China?  Didn’t make the top 10.  With U.S. manufactured goods exports to China up 12.8 percent through August, China ranked 14th out of the top 25 markets, between #13 United Kingdom and #15 Italy.

In terms of the dollar growth of exports, Canada is in first place, with U.S manufactured goods exports up $21 billion. Mexico is second, with U.S. manufactured goods exports up $20 billion.  China is third, with $5.3 billion growth, followed by Hong Kong, up $5.1 billion and the Netherlands, up $5.0 billion.

Frank Vargo is vice president of international economic affairs, National Association of Manufacturers.