Gunman Kills Two At Czech Airplane Plant

A gunman opened fire during a meeting of its board with about 15 people present, suggesting a possible workplace dispute.

PRAGUE (AP) -- A gunman opened fire at an airplane plant in the Czech Republic, killing two people Thursday before committing suicide, police said.

The shooting occurred inside the Aircraft Industries company in the eastern town of Kunovice, police spokeswoman Jana Bartikova said.

Initial information suggested six people were wounded, Bartikova said, but regional rescue service spokesman Petr Olsan said only one woman sustained a head injury and had to be treated in a nearby hospital. Olsan said the injury wasn't serious.

Bartikova said police identified the gunman but declined to give information about him, except he was 56 and lived in the region.

She said the shooting happened at the company's headquarters during a meeting of its board with about 15 people present. Police were unsuccessfully trying to communicate with the gunman before they entered the room to find him and the two victims, men aged 50 and 52, dead.

Bartikova suggested the motive for the killing could be a personal or work dispute, but gave no details.

Russia's UGMK holds a 51 percent majority in the plant, which produces the L-410 aircraft.

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