The World’s Safest Crib

Corian® makes it possible in partnership with Mexican Museum of Design.

The World’s Safest Crib

DuPont and the Mexican Museum of Design, represented by the MUMEDI Foundation, presented “the world's safest crib” made with DuPont™ Corian®.

This design was created by architects Jihei Aoki, Alejandro Cortes, Carlos Gonzalez and Constanze Martens, and it was awarded as the Mexican public's favorite piece in the exhibition “Transform Your Ideas with Corian®.”

The main benefit that Corian® provides is its hypoallergenic composition that prevents the baby from any allergic reaction from coming into contact with it.  Corian® does not stain or retain odors.  It also repels moisture, is easily repaired and provides the possibility of customizable design.

"It is a pride for all who work at DuPont to be part of new design trends in Mexico. We know that Corian® is now one of the favorite materials for interior designers and architects,” said Juan Jose Zaragoza, director of the DuPont Surfaces in Mexico. “It is even more interesting that the Mexican public's favorite pieces are linked to safety, which is a DuPont core value.  This design makes a pattern that [people found to be innovative and cutting edge].

Creators of the world’s safest crib, Jihei Aoki and Constanze Martens.


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