Lineup of Japan's reshuffled Cabinet

The Cabinet lineup Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced Friday:Chief Cabinet Secretary: Yoshito Sengoku (retained)Foreign Minister: Seiji MaeharaDefense Minister: Toshimi Kitazawa (retained)Finance Minister: Yoshihiko Noda (retained)Economy, Trade and Industry Minister: Akihiro...

The Cabinet lineup Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced Friday:

Chief Cabinet Secretary: Yoshito Sengoku (retained)

Foreign Minister: Seiji Maehara

Defense Minister: Toshimi Kitazawa (retained)

Finance Minister: Yoshihiko Noda (retained)

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister: Akihiro Ohata

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister: Michihiko Kano

Justice Minister: Minoru Yanagida

Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister: Yoshiaki Takaki

Health, Labor and Welfare Minister: Ritsuo Hosokawa

Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister, also in charge of Okinawa and Northern Territories: Sumio Mabuchi

Financial Services and Postal Reform Minister: Shozaburo Jimi (People's New Party) (retained)

Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy: Banri Kaieda

Internal Affairs and Communications Minister: Yoshihiro Katayama (non-lawmaker)

Environment Minister, also in charge of Disaster Management: Ryu Matsumoto

Government Revitalization Minister, also in charge of Civil Service Reform: Renho (retained)

Minister for National Policy and New Public Commons: Koichiro Gemba (retained)

Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Gender Equality, and also Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission: Tomiko Okazaki

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