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Search Engine Offers Buyers Better Way To Source

Frustrated buyers and industrial sourcing professionals can turn to new industrial search engine for faster, simpler way to search.

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Industrial buyers and sourcing professionals, tired of the time it takes to wade through hundreds of listing results irrelevant to what they need, have a new industrial search engine developed by Industrial Web Solutions. It’s designed to deliver 100 percent accurate results to buyers based on what they type and to provide them with the means to make connections right from within the application.

Unlike traditional online directories and search engines based on a category search, where companies are grouped according to where their products and services fit into a pre-determined structure, Industrial Web Search has done away with categories altogether. Based on content tagging, seller members use keywords and phrases, known as tags, to identify their products and services to buyers. As the buyer types, the system helps by suggesting tags that contain one or more of the search words. The buyer can click on a suggested tag to generate listing results.

With the understanding that the buyer knows what he’s looking for, the system is designed to deliver listings based on an exact match between the words he typed and those used by the seller to tag his products and services. If an exact match cannot be made, the buyer is informed and presented with two helpful options.

First, he can click on any of the suggested tags that contain one or more of the words he used to search. Second, with his search phrase automatically entered in the query boxes, the buyer can click on the search button for Google, Yahoo, or Bing. All three of these popular search engines are integrated on the same page, making Industrial Web Search a good tool to start, giving convenient access from a single source.

In addition, the buyer can rely on the quality of the listings. Listings represent member sellers who have met the criteria for paid inclusion. “We’re committed to building our member base the right way,” says DeMicco, “so buyers never have to waste time with outdated company contact or profile information, or worse, a listing that’s no longer in business. We rejected the standard practice of pre-populating our system with listings scraped from the internet or purchased from contact database providers. We’re building a reliable community her. We’re still growing and we want buyers to be able to trust the connections we provide.”

Buyers are provided with several ways to connect with member sellers. Industrial Web Search is the first industrial search engine to integrate Telnic’s tel TLD (top level domain) “click to connect” feature to place a call, send an email, visit a web page, or download a company’s vCard to their desktop or mobile contact manager. Buyers can also send single RFQ to the entire results list of companies or those they select.

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