Sauer-Danfoss Creates 3 Businesses

AMES, Iowa -- Sauer-Danfoss has announced a new business structure that includes the creation of three new businesses that encompass all the cartridge and hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC) valves, gear pumps and motors, and inverter products previously manufactured and marketed within the central Sauer-Danfoss organization.

Comatrol will design, manufacture, and sell cartridge valves and HICs. Turolla OpenCircuitGear will manage open circuit gear pumps and motors, and Schwarzmuller-Inverter will cover electric inverter products.

Sauer-Danfoss will continue to design, manufacture, and sell products in the hydrostatic propel, orbital motors, electronic components, steering, and PVG spool valves product lines.

“I am extremely pleased to introduce these new businesses to the industry,” says Sven Ruder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sauer-Danfoss. “While Sauer-Danfoss has enjoyed a market leadership position and tremendous growth since the merger of Danfoss Fluid Power and Sauer-Sundstrand in 2000, we have also learned, through our growing applications expertise and conversations with customers, that there were tangible differences in our product lines, in terms of customer needs and vehicle project timelines.”

Domenico Traverso has been named Vice President, Stand-Alone Businesses, and Traverso will have overall responsibility for the new businesses.

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