ArcelorMittal Mill May Not Reopen Till 2011

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (AP) -- A union leader says he doesn't think a South Carolina steel mill will reopen before 2011.

United Steelworkers Union local president James Sanderson told The Sun News of Myrtle Beach a company official told him that ArcelorMittal's Georgetown steel mill may not reopen until 2011.

It closed July 10, putting more than 200 employees out of work.

ArcelorMittal spokesman Adam Warrington did not confirm the dates. But Warrington says the Georgetown mill will be closed until market conditions improve significantly or the plant becomes more competitive.

The company in August offered to reopen if workers accepted a 32-hour work week and a $3.65-an-hour pay cut if orders fell below a certain level. The union rejected the offer. Sanderson says the union vote is not to blame for the extended closure.

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