Genzyme Facility Back At Full Capacity After Shutdown

After temporarily shutting down its Boston-area production facility to clean up contaminants in June, Genzyme says restart of the facility is now complete.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) -- Genzyme Corp. said Wednesday the restart of a Boston-area manufacturing facility is now complete and the biotechnology company revised sales guidance for two drugs made at the plant.

In June, Genzyme temporarily shut down its production facility in the Boston neighborhood of Allston to clean up viral contamination that had been slowing down the process for making supplies of Cerezyme and Fabrazyme. Cerezyme treats Gaucher disease, an enzyme disorder that can result in liver and neurological problems. Fabrazyme treats an inherited disorder known as Fabry disease, which is caused by the buildup of a particular type of fat in the body's cells.

All six bioreactors at the facility are now running at full capacity, the company said, and it should be able to meet anticipated patient demand for both Fabrazyme and Cerezyme during the first quarter of 2010.

The company now expects 2009 Cerezyme revenue of about $800. It previously set a range of $750 million to $1 billion. Meanwhile, it expects Fabrazyme revenue of about $450 million, lower than its prior guidance of $510 million to $520 million.

Shares of Genzyme rose 50 cents to $57.50 in morning trading.

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