Knife Blades Found In Dietary Supplements

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Manufacturer Protica Inc. said Wednesday it is recalling some dietary supplements sold in the United States and Canada because utility knife blades were found in two vials of the products. No injuries were reported.

The source of blades is unknown and both U.S. and Canadian authorities are investigating the suspected tampering, said James Duffy, founder and president of Protica, based in Whitehall, Pa.

Protica manufactured the supplements for two companies, which sold the test tube-like vials under their own private labels.

One blade was found in a vial of Hardcore Energize Bullet, made for iSatori Technologies of Golden, Colo. The Hardcore Energize Bullet vials included in the recall were sold in Canada.

Another blade was found in a vial of New Whey, which Protica makes for IDS of Oviedo, Fla. The vials s included in the recall were sold in the United States.

The caps of the tampered vials did not include the best-by date and lot code information ordinarily featured on each container.

The Food and Drug Administration warned consumers not to use the dietary supplements. Its Office of Criminal Investigation is probing the suspected tampering, as are Canadian authorities.

Vials affected by the recall can be returned to the place where they were purchased for a full refund. For details, call 800-776-8422.

The lots of Hardcore Energize Bullet and New Whey included in the recall are:

-- Lot 1750 New Whey orange.

-- Lot 1887 New Whey orange.

-- Lot 1924 New Whey orange.

-- Lot 1928 New Whey orange.

-- Lot 1934 New Whey orange.

-- Lot 1946 New Whey orange.

-- Lot 1920 New Whey blue raspberry.

-- Lot 1930 New Whey blue raspberry.

-- Lot 1936 New Whey blue raspberry.

-- Lot 1944 New Whey blue raspberry.

-- Lot 1925 New Whey grape.

-- Lot 1949 New Whey grape.

-- Lot 1960 New Whey fruit punch.

-- Lot 1972 New Whey fruit punch.

-- Lot 1973 New Whey fruit punch.

-- Lot 1932 New Whey fruit punch.

-- Lot 1900 New Whey blue raspberry.

-- Lot 1959 New Whey blue raspberry.

-- Lot 1945 Energize Bullet Blue Rage.

-- Lot 1961 Energize Bullet Blue Rage.

-- Lot 1962 Energize Bullet Blue Rage.

-- Lot 1794 Energize Bullet Blue Rage.

-- Lot 1963 Energize Bullet Black Rush.

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