German Iron, Steel Output Falls Sharply In June

FRANKFURT (AP) -- German iron and steel output for June fell sharply as the world recession continued to cut into demand for the country's machinery and car exports, the Federal Statistical Office reported Tuesday.

The Wiesbaden-based office said Germany's producers made 1.44 million metric tons (1.59 US tons) of iron for the month, a 45 percent decline over the same month last year, while they made 2.5 million metric tons (2.76 US tons) of steel, a 41 percent decline.

The office said for the January-June period, 47 percent less iron was produced and 44 percent less steel was produced than in the first six months of 2008.

However, June production was higher compared with May. The office said iron production was up 22 percent, while steel production was 14 percent higher compared to the prior month.

Germany, the world's largest exporter and Europe's biggest economy, went into a recession in last year's third quarter.

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