Three Mississippi Plants Close

Jancor Companies Inc. shut down plants in Booneville, Olive Branch, and Macon, putting more than 300 people out of work.

BOONEVILLE, Miss. (AP) -- Three manufacturing facilities have closed down in north Mississippi.

Heartland Building Products Inc. in Booneville, a division of Jancor Companies Inc., ceased all business and vinyl siding production on Saturday without prior notice to 140 employees or local officials.

Jancor officials advised the Booneville plant employees not to report to work until further notice. A skeleton crew was on hand Monday, taking care of some loose ends.

On Saturday, Perrysburg, Ohio-based Jancor closed its Infinite Building Products plant in Olive Branch, eliminating 100 jobs. It also shut down Saturday the Outdoor Technologies plant in Macon, which employed 84.

Jancor-owned plants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey also were closed.

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