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U.S. Steel Announcing Major Pennsylvania Investment

State lawmaker says planned Clairton Coke Works investment is at least $1 billion, and an EPA official says it is related to air quality.

CLAIRTON, Pa. (AP) β€” U.S. Steel Corp. says it will announce a major capital investment at its Clairton Coke Works.
U.S. Steel officials aren't providing details about Friday's 2 p.m. news conference, but a state lawmaker tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review the investment is at least $1 billion and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official says the investment is related to air quality.
The Clairton plant is the largest coke producer in the country, with 816 ovens. Coke β€” coal that is baked at high temperatures to remove impurities β€” is a key ingredient in making steel. The process is known to cause serious pollution.
Pollution at the plant prompted U.S. Steel to agree with the Allegheny County Health Department to spend $76 million on environmental improvements and pay a fine of nearly $400,000.
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