Wyeth Replacing Cold Meds Over Dose Cup Problem

Products being removed from stores come with a cup that does not mark the half-teaspoon level recommended for children 2-5; replacement products will be available in November.

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Several nonprescription cold medicines are being pulled from store shelves after manufacturer Wyeth on Monday started a voluntary recall and replacement program at retail outlets nationwide.
The products are being removed because they come with a dosing cup that does not mark the half-teaspoon level recommended for children aged 2 through 5 years old, according to Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, a division of the Madison, N.J.-based drugmaker.
''There's nothing wrong with the products,'' said Wyeth spokesman Doug Petkus.
The products being recalled and replaced are: Robitussin Cough DM, Robitussin Cough & Cold CF, Robitussin Cough & Congestion, Robitussin Head & Chest Congestion PE, Robitussin Cough Sugar Free DM and Children's Dimetapp Cough & Chest Congestion.
The company is recommending that consumers with children in the 2 through 5 age group not use the medicines until replacement products with a new dosage cup are available. That will probably begin in early November, and the new boxes will be marked to indicate the replacement.
''It probably will take a couple months,'' Petkus said.
He said there are several million packages of those products in circulation, but there is no reason for consumers to seek a refund. No injuries related to the issue have been reported, Petkus said.
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