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Powermate Buyer Plans To Reopen Nebraska Plant

Italian company Pramac wants to reopen the power equipment maker’s closed plant in Kearney, Neb.

KEARNEY, Neb. (AP) -- The Italian company buying power equipment maker Powermate plans to reopen the Kearney plant.

Powermate filed for bankruptcy in March and closed its Kearney plant, eliminating about 200 jobs.

Pramac Industries agreed to buy Powermate in April.

Jon Krebs, with the Buffalo County Economic Development Council, says Pramac wants to reopen the Kearney plant, which is owned by the city. But it's not clear when that will happen because of the bankruptcy court is involved.

Krebs says Pramac plans to rebuild the output of the Kearney plant gradually, so the plant will likely not rehire 200 people when it opens.

Pramac is the world's fifth-largest manufacturer of power generators. Its U.S. headquarters is in Marietta, Ga.

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