Ultralife In A New York State Of Mind

Company move from Texas to New York enables operational efficiencies; 100 jobs affected by the move.

NEWARK, N.Y.- Ultralife Batteries, Inc. announced Thursday it is relocating its McDowell Research communications accessories manufacturing operation from Waco, Texas, to Newark, New York.

“This was a very difficult but necessary decision, particularly considering the dedication, talent and hard work of our Waco employees. We greatly appreciate their work and accomplishments and will be working closely with local Waco officials and agencies to provide assistance in helping our employees transition to other jobs,” said John D. Kavazanjian, Ultralife's president and chief executive officer. “While our McDowell Research products continue to be extremely popular with our customers, and are in high demand, unfortunately the Waco operation has not achieved the profitability that we had planned.”

Production work will transition to New York between mid-July and mid-September, with a completing date set for Sept 30, 2007. Approximately 100 employees will be affected.

Kavazanjian concluded, “This move will enable us to realize the operational efficiencies and profit enhancements envisioned when we acquired McDowell Research last year.”

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