Polaris Announces Restructuring Plan

Company will increase capacity at its Vermillion distribution center by 50 percent, resulting in the shuttering of its Winnipeg, Manitoba, facility.

MEDINA, Minn. - Polaris Industries Inc. announced Friday it will add 128,000 square feet to its Vermillion parts, garments and accessories (PG&A) distribution center, increasing capacity 50 percent, effective spring 2008.
The Vermillion expansion will absorb the support role of the company’s Winnipeg, Manitoba, PG&A distribution facility. The Winnipeg facility will be closed in summer 2008.
“The expansion of our Vermillion facility puts us in a solid position to improve our overall business results and continue the solid growth we’re achieving in the PG&A division,” said Tom Tiller, CEO of Polaris Industries. “Our intent is to build an efficient organization that can execute for our dealers and our customers.”

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