Millipore Combines RFID And Filtration For Biopharm Processes

Company is the first to integrate RFID with filtration products and will introduce the technology at an upcoming conference in New York.

Millipore Corp. claimed Friday it is the first company to successfully integrate Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with filtration products used to manufacture biopharmaceutical drugs.

The technology allows customers to increase speed by quickly retrieving information on when and how the product was manufactured. When combined with sensors, RFID can provide real-time information on product performance and identify the fluids present during the manufacturing process, which aids regulatory compliance, the company said.

“Using RFID technology to record and convey valuable product and process information allows our customers to more efficiently develop and validate key process steps,” said Roland Heinrich, Vice President of Research & Development for Millipore’s Bioprocess Division. “In an industry where time-to-market and compliance are crucial, RFID improves the speed and confidence with which critical data is exchanged for these steps.”

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