Industry Organizations Weigh In After President's State Of The Union Address

Several organizations release statements commenting on the President's State of the Union Address.

Statements from many national organizations on the President’s State of the Union Address called for bipartisanship when working to solve many of America’s key issues, as well as the need to resolve dependence on foreign oil as a point of national security.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) president, John Engler, expressed support for the President’s call to strengthen America’s energy security.

“It is abundantly clear we need a comprehensive national policy on energy,” Engler said. “Sky-high energy costs are a major impediment to our ability to compete in the global marketplace. We need to increase access to domestic energy sources, especially natural gas, even as we accelerate research and development of alternative fuels and nuclear power.”

A statement from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) also praised the President’s recognition of the important role technology will play in addressing America’s energy issues.

“The President’s statement regarding the role of technology in energy efficiency and alternative energy sources underscores the importance of innovation to our nation’s strength and security,” SIA President, George Scalise, said.

The SIA also expressed strong support for the President’s continued dedication to the No Child Left Behind program, citing the importance of math and science skills, as well as continued basic researching funding, to keep America competitive.

“Strengthening our children’s education, particularly in math and science, is key to ensuring our nation’s legacy as the innovation leader,” Scalise said. “We must also renew our government’s commitment to funding basic research and encouraging private investment in research through R&D tax credit reform.”

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (Bio) applauded the President’s recognition that the U.S. is “moving toward the creation of a biobased economy and that is good news for our economy, our security and our environment,” in a statement from association Vice President, Brent Erickson.

The National Petrochemical and Refiners Association (NPRA) “appropriately recognizes” the importance energy plays in national security, but wasn’t as pleased as other groups about the far reaching energy goals set in the State of the Union address.

“Oil and natural gas will continue to serve as foundation fuels for the American economy, not only today, but for the foreseeable future,” Charles Drevna, Executive Vice President of the NPRA said. “NPRA is not opposed to the use of ethanol, biodiesel, E-85, or other alternatives, provided their use is based upon market-pricing and not mandates and subsidies, which we do not support.”

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