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Illinois Lost 26,000 Manufacturing Jobs In 2006

State also lost 437 plants.

Illinois continued to lose manufacturing jobs over the past 12 months, according to a study by the 2007 Illinois Manufacturers Directory.

The survey reported Illinois lost 26,365 manufacturing jobs and 437 plants since January 2006.

"Illinois' job losses echo those seen across the Midwest," said Tom Dubin, President of MNI that publishes the directory. "Rust Belt manufacturers continue to be lured by cheaper labor costs overseas, particularly in China, which is increasingly capable of handling greater production capacity."

Major plant closings in the state include Herrin-based Maytag Co., which ceased all manufacturing in December of 2006, eliminating 1,000 jobs. Bartlett lost 30 percent of its manufacturing jobs after Maclean Fasteners Service dropped from 2,000 employees to 20.

Illinois is currently home to 21,928 manufacturing companies employing 949,389 total workers.

According to the survey, Illinois ranks fourth in the U.S. by number of manufacturing jobs, accounting for 5 percent of the nation's industrial employment. Illinois represents 20 percent of the Midwest's manufacturing companies and 17 percent of its jobs.

A five-year study shows Illinois lost 145,540 jobs, or 13.2 percent of its industrial employment, since January 2001. Michigan lost 12 percent of its manufacturing jobs, Ohio 11 percent and Indiana 5.5 percent over this time period.

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