Dow Corning Selects Reva Systems For RFID Pilot

Pilot will monitor work-in-process at Michigan manufacturing plant.

Reva Systems, a radio frequency identification (RFID) network infrastructure provider, said Tuesday its Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP) has been selected by Dow Corning as part of Dow’s pilot to monitor work-in-process in their Auburn, Michigan, manufacturing plant.

The Dow Corning pilot will involve a collection of Motorola's DC600 Portal Systems, XR440 fixed RFID readers and MC9090 handheld readers deployed to cover strategic points and process steps in Dow’s Auburn manufacturing operations. The RFID equipment and related devices, including printers and sensors in the process flow, will be controlled and coordinated as a system by the Reva TAP, which will then pass clean RFID tag data to Dow Corning’s shop floor and ERP systems.

The intent of the trial is to demonstrate an internal return on investment (ROI) and the viability of using UHF passive RFID tags in Dow Corning’s demanding manufacturing environment.

“Dow Corning is investing in RFID through pilots to prove it is a viable technology and will provide value for our supply chains and businesses. We feel Reva’s TAP offers significant advantages over other solutions that are available today,” said Gene Sumption, Dow Corning’s manufacturing systems manager.

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