It's Not Me, It's You: China Blames U.S., Europe For Stalled World Trade Talks

Commerce minister says Europe and U.S. haven’t made offers to cut farm subsidies.

BEIJING (AP)- China's commerce minister blamed Europe and the United States on Monday for the failure to revive world trade talks, saying they haven't made adequate offers to cut farm subsidies.

China and other developing countries have made enough concessions in the World Trade Organization talks, Commerce Minister Bo Xilai said. The talks ended last July after a deadlock over farm subsidies.

''The sticking point in the current stagnant process of talks is due to the failure of the European Union and the United States, as the two largest players on the global trade stage, in making substantial concessions in cutting their high tariffs, export subsidies and the huge domestic support to agriculture,'' the minister said at a news conference.

He also called on Japan to cut its tariffs on farm goods, which he said were higher than those of China.

Developing countries want the United States and Europe to cut subsidies for their farmers, while the rich countries want greater access to manufacturing and service sectors of developing economies.

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