What's The State Of That Garden? EPA Finds Increase In Air, Water Toxins In New Jersey

The DuPont Chambers Works plant and two PSE&G power plants were the main culprits.

The Environmental Protection Agency released its latest Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Thursday, which showed an increase in releases to air and water in New Jersey due to emissions from two major facilities, DuPont Chambers Works plant and two PSE&G power plants.

In November, the EPA and PSE&G reached a $1.1 billlion settlement, which should greatly reduce future air emissions from the two power plants.

“The TRI report is a valuable tool for communities, local government and business leaders alike because it provides valuable information about chemicals being released into our environment and shows business where to focus efforts on making process improvements,” said Alan J. Steinberg, EPA Regional Administrator.

From 2004 to 2005, the DuPont plant saw an increase in water discharge from 2.8 million pounds to 4.1 million pounds. The PSEG air emissions rose from 3.6 million pounds to 4.5 million.

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