DHS Distributes Millions In Grants For Infrastructure Protection

Grants total $399 million and will go to ports, transit and intercity bus systems.

The Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that $339 million in grants will be distributed to ports, transit and intercity bus systems as part of the Infrastructure Protection Program (IPP).This program is designed to prepare high risk areas for potential terrorist attacks and major disasters.

Over $168 million will go toward port security grants. Half of the 100 eligible ports, plus one that was eligible in 2005, will receive funding for projects to enhance security measures. The ports were divided into four tiers, with Tier One being the highest risk to Tier Four being the lowest risk. Funding for projects was determined by the port's risk, as well as the relationship of the project to the port's security priorities.

The Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP) will provide $136 million to the owners and operators of rail and intercity bus and ferry systems. Similar to the ports, the transit infrastructure was divided into two tiers based on several criteria.

Owners and operators of fixed route intercity and charter bus services will receive about $9.5 million.

In July of this year, The Buffer Zone Protection Program, awarded $48 million in grants to secure high risk areas such as chemical facilities, nuclear and electric power plants, dams, stadiums and arenas.

Amtrak was awarded approximately $7.2 million to continue security enhancements as part of the Intercity Passenger Rail Security Grant Program As part of the Trucking Security Program, the American Trucking Association was awarded $4.8 million for the Highway Watch program.

For more information on this program, visit http://www.dhs.gov

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