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Evolving Market For Niche Products And Multi-Functional Clothing Driving European Industrial Protective Clothing Market

But European market must contend with low-priced imports from Far East.

Niche products such as chainsaw protective clothing are presenting promising growth opportunities for industrial protective clothing. The demand for multi-functional protective clothing is not only driving sales, but also opening new markets as well.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the Western European Markets for Industrial Protective Clothing earned revenues of EUR1,311 million in 2005 and estimates this to reach EUR1,597 million in 2012.

"With increasing market saturation and price competition, most industrial protective clothing companies are under price pressures and are operating in volatile environments," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Kumud Verma. "Even as companies are being forced to adopt cost-cutting measures, improve operating efficiency and deliver results, niche products such as chainsaw protective clothing and demand for multi-functional clothing continue to offer new market opportunities."

The industrial protective clothing that offers higher performance alongside increased comfort and style will drive sales. The effect is already visible in the market for multi-functional clothing.

While European suppliers are increasingly using the Far East as a manufacturing base, they are also being threatened by competition from local companies based in this region.

"Industrial protective clothing industry participants are already witnessing price pressures due to an increasing influx of low-priced imports from the Far East," adds Verma. "Accordingly, they will need to devise solutions within the limited options available while building quality conscious customer loyalties to avoid being substituted by these low-priced equivalents."

As Eastern Europe emerges as an increasingly important market for European producers from a production as well as a consumer point of view, companies based in Western Europe will need to continue to identify, develop and secure viable commercial options for producing as well as selling industrial protective clothing in Eastern Europe.

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