Pennsylvania Plans $18 Billion Industrial Project Spending For 2007

Over 291 projects will keep Pennsylvania in the top ranking for industrial project spending, according to Industrial Info Resoures.

With more than $18 billion worth of industrial project spending planned for Pennsylvania, the state will keep its top ranking for industrial project development in 2007 and into the future, according to research conducted by Industrial Info Resources.

In 2006, Pennsylvania ranked as was one of the top five states for industrial project spending.

Among the projects planned for Pennsylvania are 291 capital and maintenance projects with future planned construction starts. The projects range from multi-billion dollar rail and IGCC power plant construction projects to scheduled major maintenance shutdown and turnaround work, Industrial Info's report noted.

The largest project sector spending will be in the power industry, with 82 projects totaling $7.8 billion, accounting for approximately 43% of the planned project spending in Pennsylvania.

Coal-fired generation unit additions and SO2 emission control projects will see the biggest portion of planned spending in the power industry.

Industrial Info's research indicates that the second largest project spender will be the industrial manufacturing industry with 56 projects accounting for 34% of the planned spending, totaling $6.2 billion. These projects include several large-scale rail projects and distribution center construction.

Coming in third, is the metals & minerals Industry with 54 projects totaling $1.5 billion. Most of the project spending in the metals & minerals industry will be for coal mining capacity increases, and metallurgical coke and steel mill construction projects.

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