14 States Seen As Best Positioned To Compete In Manufacturing

Manufacturing not in bad shape - you just need to be in the right state, research group says.

Fourteen states are best positioned to compete in manufacturing, according to a study released Wednesday.

According to an industry research group, eMvoy, the evaluation studied 100,000 U.S. manufactures over a one year period. The findings found state-based trends covering the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing.

Several factors were taken into account when compiling the ratings, including company size, history, number of U.S. manufacturing facilities and ISO certifications. Additional third party data was also collected and calculated in the state ratings.

"There is so much confusion about the state of American manufacturing. The public perception is that, overall, U.S. manufacturing is weak. After looking at 100,000 manufacturers, we found that the state of U.S. manufacturing is not bad -- as long as you are in the right state." says Craig Landy, CEO of eMvoy.

The states that were found to be significantly above-average for industrial competitiveness included Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, New York, California, North Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

The entire ranking report can be read by clicking here.

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