Honda Recalling 81,000 Accord Sedans

Honda says faulty wiring harness could cause air bag sensor to fail.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Honda Motor Co. is recalling 81,000 of its 2004-2005 Accord sedans because of problems that could cause an air bag-related sensor to fail, the company said Wednesday.

In a Jan. 9 letter to the government, Honda said that the wiring harness for the seat position sensor, which detects the driver's seating position and adjusts the air bag inflation pressure accordingly, was attached in the wrong location and may have been overtightened.

According to Honda, the sensor wire could break and cause the air bag warning light to be illuminated and prevent the sensor from working properly. When the sensor fails, the air bag system automatically moves to full inflation pressure, which could increase the risk of injury for smaller drivers in a frontal crash, the Japanese automaker said.

Honda spokesman Chris Naughton said the company was not aware of any injuries or incidents connected to the recall.

The recall is expected to begin in early February 2007. Dealers will replace the seat position sensor wiring subharness, Honda said.


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