Lotus To Create Trybrid Cars For Obvio!

The development of the microsports cars, the 828 and the 012, could be worth as much as $137 million.

Lotus Engineering, a British automotive engineering consultancy, said Wednesday that it was chosen by Rio de Janeiro-based OEM Obvio! Automotoveiculos S.A., to create  “trybrid” high-performance microsports cars. The deal could be worth a maximum of $137 million.

The microsports cars, the 828 and the 012, will be the first products for Obvio!. The “trybrid” engines can be fueled by gasoline, bio-ethanol or natural gas, and other powertrain variants. Electrically-powered versions of each car are expected to follow soon after the trybrid versions.

Production is expected to begin in Brazil in late 2008.

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