Modine Gets 3-Year Deal From MAN For Emissions Control

To supply exhaust gas recirculation coolers to European truck maker.

Modine Manufacturing Co., a designer and developer of heating and cooling solutions for the truck, automotive, heavy-duty and industrial markets, said Friday it received a three-year, $15 million contract to supply exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers to the MAN Group, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines, trucks and buses.

The EGR coolers will help MAN and its customers to meet the European EURO 4 emission requirements for heavy-duty diesel engines that take effect for all trucks manufactured on and after October 2006.

Modine will be supplying EGR coolers for MAN's new 4 and 6 cylinder D0834 and D0836 engines, mainly used on MAN's new TGL and TGM light and medium truck lines.

"This is another step in our growing relationship with MAN. We are working with them to find thermal solutions, to help them meet the new, more strict emissions requirements that every European truck manufacturer must achieve," said Klaus Feldmann, Modine's Group Vice President Europe.

Modine's 250 workers at its Mezokovesd, Hungary, plant will produce the EGR coolers, which will be shipped to MAN's Nuremberg facility.

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