Regain Balance With Rugged Tablet PCs

If your company has weathered the downturn in the economy by shedding excess inventory and streamlining operations, you may be ready for the next step in the new economy. You can regain balance of warehouse operations with rugged tablet pcs.

If your company has weathered the downturn in the economy by shedding excess inventory and streamlining operations, you may be ready for the next step in the new economy.  You can regain balance of warehouse operations with rugged tablet pcs.  In Manufacturing and Warehousing industries, a rugged tablet pc can help you to move from the tight controls of a recession back to a better equilibrium, which focuses more on customer needs and satisfaction.

Trend Moves Toward Rebalancing
Leading market indicators show that production growth should continue to increase in 2012.  In fact, according to Economic Forecast, the key area of high-tech manufacturing is expected to increase from a 12.3% growth in 2011 to a 14.7% growth in 2012.  That means that your business, whether it is industrial, manufacturing or retail supply, will need to redistribute the balance of key operation metrics.  To make a smarter, sleeker inventory, not just a bigger one, your goal, you will need to consider how you can increase your production in a streamlined fashion.  That means knowing your inventory so that you can assure your customers that the products they need will be available in a timely fashion. 

Invest in Infrastructure and Upgrade Tools
In order to handle the rebalancing of inventory, you should invest in infrastructure and upgrade tools you use to keep track of inventory.  Without the latest technology, your company can lose agility and competitiveness.  Although the downturn has made many companies more conservative in investments, making the right choices can be cost effective because tools like rugged tablet pcs can be used to help companies manage inventory more efficiently, thus controlling costs and more effectively servicing clients.

Use Technology for an Agile and Flexible Distribution Center
Probably the most important aspect of manufacturing in the coming year is the need for agile and flexible distribution centers.  With decreasing inventories there has been a reduced visibility in the supply chain, so you need to keep track of that inventory through technology.  Your company will have an agile and flexible distribution center if you have the superior mobile connectivity of rugged tablet pcs. 

Choose Technologies Designed for Rugged Applications
No technology will work if it isn't adapted to the user. Warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and retailing operators need tools that are light, resistant to breakage, reliable and easy to use. Productivity will increase only if your technology makes the employee's job easier and faster. Perhaps you've tried technologies which malfunctioned because they could not handle the physical rigors of manufacturing and industry.  They got dropped, lost connectivity, or stopped working because of dust and dirt.  You will need to choose a technology like rugged tablet pcs which are designed to take the wear and tear of factory floor environments, as well as allow for superior mobile connectivity.

Choose Multi-Functional, Adaptive Technologies
Rugged tablet pcs are able to be programmed for your different needs and can be adapted to changing distribution situations.  Moreover, Rugged tablet pcs are multi-modal technology devices which you can use for a variety of tasks including voice picking, near and far range scanning in put-away, scanning for inventory applications, and capturing signatures from receiving docs.  Using this technology allows your company to react to market changes more quickly to make better decisions about managing labor and production costs.  

With appropriate and versatile technology, you can keep labor, distribution and manufacturing costs down so your workforce and movement of goods are more efficient. Whatever costs you incur by investing in tablet technology should be recovered as they help you efficiently rebalance your inventory.For more information on Rugged Tablet PCs from MobileDemand, please visit the MobileDemand blog or Rugged Tablet PC website

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