IMPO's 2017 Top 10: Articles

Managing Editor Rachelle Blair-Frasier looks back on IMPO's top articles for 2017.

Improving productivity is always a hot topic here at IMPO, so it’s no surprise that our contributed articles that centered around lean manufacturing practices and tips to improving efficiency on the plant floor to be among the most-read items this year.

Topping our most-read articles list is “The Importance Of 5S” by Brian C. Neuwirth with UNEX Manufacturing. His article details the 5S system (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) and why implementation can reduce space needed for existing operations as well as improve workflow.

Other articles our readers found useful included how to solve a water hammer problem, what impact new lockout/tagout standards could have on manufacturing and tips on setting up a predictive maintenance program.

Read more about 5S — as well as other top topics from 2017 — below. Did your favorite story make the list?

  1. The Importance Of 5S
  2. Solving The Water Hammer Problem
  3. How A GM Plant Turned Raindrops Into Dollars
  4. A Marathon, Not A Sprint: What You Need To Know About Predictive Maintenance
  5. Q&A: The Impact Of The New Lockout/Tagout Standards
  6. Why Nitriding Steel Is Growing In Popularity
  7. 5 Things Computers Hate About Your Manufacturing Floor
  8. Hidden Advantages Of Sharing Stock Ownership With Employees
  9. How Ice Could Change Industrial Cleaning
  10. Skilled Labor: Manufacturing’s Missing Ingredient
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