IMPO's Top 10 Of 2017: News

Managing Editor Rachelle Blair-Frasier looks back on IMPO's top news stories for 2017.

While scrolling through the website statistics searching for the tops clicks of the year, I’ve learned one thing… IMPO readers certainly aren’t squeamish.

The top news stories on IMPO ranged from feces in cans to OSHA press release publishing delays to, unfortunately, workers being killed on the job. So, without further ado, here are IMPO's 10 most-read news items of 2017.

News Top 10

  1. Human Waste Found In Coca-Cola Cans
  2. Six Injured In Ohio Power Plant Explosion
  3. Caterpillar To Lay Off 800 As IL Factory Closes
  4. Beef Jerky Plant Employee Fired After Calling 911 For Co-Worker’s Severed Thumb
  5. Report: Drug Testing Contributes To Manufacturing Labor Shortage
  6. Six Injured In Minnesota Truck Plant Explosion
  7. GE Contractor Dies In Georgia Power Plant Incident
  8. Musk Vows To Perform Work Of Tesla Employees Injured On The Job
  9. Ex-OSHA Official Begins Publishing Recent Citations
  10. Trump Cutting Hundreds Of Planned Regulations
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