IMPO's 2017 Top 10: Blogs

Managing Editor Rachelle Blair-Frasier looks back on IMPO's top blogs for 2017.

Blog posts on IMPO usually take a more light-hearted approach to serious topics. It is also where important issues, the likes of manufacturing jobs and safety, can be relayed in a more down-to-earth manner.

To not much surprise, editor Mike Hockett’s blog announcing OSHA’s 10 most cited workplace violations of 2017 topped our list. Other blogs our readers found interesting this past year featured forklift safety, U.S. job growth and reshoring product production.

Check out what other blogs IMPO readers clicked on the most this past year below.

  1. Here are OSHA's Top 10 Most Cited Workplace Violations of 2017
  2. These 10 Forklift Accident Videos Show Why Training Is So Crucial
  3. A Message From Snap-on’s CEO About Trump Visit, U.S. Manufacturing
  4. Infographic: 10 Rules For Forklift Safety
  5. Rocker Aims To Make America Badass Again
  6. The Pigeon Poop Problem
  7. OSHA Posts First Citation News Since Trump Inauguration
  8. New Grainger Posters Aim To Remind Employees About Safety
  9. 6 EHS Regulatory Predictions Under Trump Presidency
  10. Infographic: 10 Health & Safety Tips For Safety Managers
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