Food Companies Should Pay Attention to Gen. Z

If you think Gen Z isn’t worth your time yet due to a lack of spending power, think again. Many are teens or college students, already with an estimated $250 billion in spending power and primary decision makers for both their retail and foodservice food and beverage purchases.

In the past few years, I’ve been asked about one consumer group more than any other: Millennials. How can we engage them, how can we influence them, how can we gain their loyalty?

More recently, questions have shifted toward a greater emphasis on what is still the largest and most financially comfortable generation, Baby Boomers. How can we evolve with them as they age? How can we meet their shifting needs? Still others are starting to ask how to reach Millennials without alienating Boomers.

These are all great questions, and all worthy of research, but there’s a major question that’s largely gone unasked: What’s next? Or more specifically, who is next.

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