Beer Industry Mourns Lost Youth

The consumer group once owned by the major brewers now spreads the love among spirits, wine and beer. Beverage selection is driven not only by cost, but also by occasion, desired flavor attributes, food and the suggestions of those around them.

The past week saw numerous headlines about the beer industry’s recognition that it has lost its iron grip on a key demographic group: young adult consumers. While we called that out earlier this year, the candid comments made by several speakers at last week’s National Beer Wholesalers Association annual meeting in New Orleans point to heightened concern about the current situation and future prospects for the major domestic brands.

They have reason to be so concerned. The drink portfolio of today’s young adult consumers ranges from moonshine to malbec, from PBR in a can to Samuel Adams Utopias in a tasting glass, with a dirty martini and some type of cider-and-Fireball combination thrown in for fun. 

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